Push your sales UP with IKARUS Balloon

IKARUS Balloon

A magical craft that has been dreamed about by many people including Leonardo Da Vinci… Now with this balloon everyone can experience how it feels like to walk in outer space. The helium-filled balloon reduces the weight of the person attached to it, allowing the person to take higher and longer steps just like walking on the moon. Here’s the best thing: All you need is a short briefing before you try it, and anyone can do it regardless of his/her age!

IKARUS Balloon can be used in a field as large as a tennis court. It can also be used indoors such as stadiums, shopping malls, fair grounds, etc. It will definitely color your activity.


IKARUS Balloon can be used with winds under 10 mph (18 kmh) and when there is no rain. A 40-100 kg ballast is employed to keep the balance, depending on the attendant’s weight.


Diameter: 7m
Surface area: 154 m2
Jumping distance: minimum 5 m – maximum 35 m high
Limit of operation: 25 kmh
Banner area: 2m (wide), 6 m (high)
Weight range for attendants: 40-120 kg

Please see our photo album for more photos on IKARUS Balloon activities.