Paramotor is a system that consists of a paraglider, an engine and propellers, designed for getting off the ground. The pilot puts on the engine just like wearing a rucksack, and the portable engine’s thrust pushes the pilot forward, taking him off the ground. Thanks to this system, pilots can start their flights from a level ground without needing a hill or a slope for their take-off. Paramotor enables pilots to fly wherever they like and to stay in the air as long as they want. They can fly very close to their audience; therefore air shows and performances can easily attract all the attention. It is literally a FLYING BOARD!

Technical Features

- Paraglider in the paramotor system acts as a flying billboard.
- Pilot can launch from a level ground.
- There can be a passenger in the air in addition to a professional pilot.
- It is possible to shoot videos from the air using professional cameras.
- It can stay aloft for about 2 hours non-stop.
- It can rise up to thousands of meters from the ground.
- It is the only aircraft that can fly so slow above the ground, close to the audience/residential areas.
- During the flight smoke bombs and/or canvas banners can be employed, leaflets can be distributed from the air.

Where is it used?

Paramotor can be used for special events such as concerts, football matches, anniversaries, shop openings, etc. It flies over a strategic route that is pre-defined by the sponsor. In addition to being attractive, its aesthetic and sportive qualities make it a great subject for the mass media.
Paramotor flights attract great attention especially in Anatolian cities, and it is warmly welcomed by local people and local media. Local media allocates ample space and time for our flights. This way, paramotor has an even more long-lasting effect.

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