Zeplin Board is a remote controlled, 5m-long zeppelin.

Make your brand the most distinguishable in shopping malls

Pro-chute is unique advertising tool, which is employed only by Ikarus Aviation. Approved by Turkish Patent Institute.

Technical Features

Ikarus pilots fly to your activity area with their paramotors, and drop 1m wide parachutes to which your products are attached. The target audience, already focused on the paramotor, will compete to grab one of the pro-chutes approaching them.

Pro-chute is the ideal solution for your brand at Road Show and Direct Marketing events, store openings, dealers’ meetings, concerts, parties, football matches, beach activities, and all kinds of special occasions.

Paramotor flights attract great attention especially in Anatolian cities, warmly welcomed by local people and local media. Local media allocates ample space and time for our flights. This way, paramotor has an even more long-lasting effect.

This activity (method) is registered to IKARUS Sportif Havacılık Tur. Rek. San. Tic. Ltd. by Turkish Patent Institute. All rights reserved.
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