Mercimektepe XC Open 2014 Uluslarası Paragliding Yarışma Organizasyonu

We expect all paraglider pilots to join our friendly atmosphere to get new experience and compete in Mercimektepe. Mercimektepe XC Open 2014 paragliding competition will be organized from 29 July till 3 August 2014. On the first day there will be training flights and next days competition days.

Mercimektepe is one of the most popular flying sites in th east part of Anatolia, Turkey. It is located near the village of Turhal, and the city of Tokat. It is possible to fly almost all year depending of the weather condition but the winter is very long and cold there. Take off is all white for over 4 months. First gently thermals start to appear in May and go on during all summer. Specially July and August being too hot and thermals are strong - e.g. it is possible to see +6 vario specially over the take off. There are many fruit and vegetable fields around Marcimektepe so flatlands got wet even in middle of the summer. They are the reason for many dead thermal zones there. Especially first 10 kilometers would be difficult to stay in the air. After that one reaches dry classic Anatolia thermals zone but landing becomes difficult there. Most of the time during summer evening thermals work great even after 16:00 thermals go up to 3000 meters. There are plenty of safe and large landing spots all around the flatlands.
Take-offs and landings information: There are two take off spot in Mercimektepe. One facing North and main take off facing west and southwest. Main take off spot is very large and has all grassy gentle ground. It is possible lay out 20 gliders at the same time. Slope starts very gentle at first after 50 meters rise up 40 degress but there are very long running distance so pilot can stop anytime. Official landing site is just in front of the take off spot. It is 2,4 km far from take off spot. Landing site is very large and has grassy gentle ground. Even If pilot miss landing there are many fields around for landing.
Take off 
Altitude ASL 1140 metres
GPS coordinates 40°20'53.78"K 36°10'11.00"D 1487
Winds: North, west and southwest
Slope starts as flat at first and angle gently incease to 40 degree. There is a friendly grassy ground.
Take-off ground size 50 x 60 metres large possible lay out almost 20 gliders.
Because of the very large and clear area it is possible to make a top landing.
GPS coordinates 40°19'42.25"K 36° 9'29.38"D